05-13 Standard C6 (Non GS, Z06) Cleartastic®

05-13 Standard C6 (Non GS, Z06) Cleartastic®

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 Cleartastic® "Plus" Film
* Invisible Once Applied! 
* Self Healing Characteristics! Small Marks & Scratches,Vanish Over Time!
* Pre-cut & Specifically Designed to Easily Apply in Minutes!
* Outstanding Protection! Withstand Rocks, Road Debris & Human Abuse 
* Provides Years of Protection. 
* Great For Racing Conditions & Everyday Driving
Proudly made In The USA! 

Its not if, its when….
Unfortunately your Beautiful Corvettes paint is delicate & vulnerable.  So many areas are prone to getting hit & peppered by rocks and stones while simply out for a cruise. 
Protect the your paint behind the front and back of your tires without changing the look of your Corvette with Cleartastic® paint protection kits.
Cleartastic® is a clear flexible film that creates an invisible barrier between your beautiful delicate paint and rocks & debris. 

Pre cut & designed for a simple easy application. Applies in minutes We design these kits so anyone with no experience, still gets professional results! 

Cleartastic® Plus prevents paint chips, stains & withstands harsh weather and extreme high speeds.
The film has “Self Healing” Characteristics so scratches, marks & nicks will vanish automatically overtime! 
The easy one time "set & forget" application Provides years & years of valuable protection. Smooth as glass appearance makes it invisible once applied. 
Wash & wax over the film. Treat it like your paint. A great alternative to mud flaps! 
It comes with easy step by step instructions plus always feel free to contact us with any questions! 

So why drive to another venue and have a stranger on your car?  Cleartastic® DIY kits save you time money and of course your paint
The Clear choice in paint protection!  Protecting paint for over 20 years. Proudly made In The USA! 

THIS KIT PROTECTS: 3 vulnerable areas.
Protects behind the front and rear wheels PLUS the paint that wraps into the wheel well! 
It also protects the lower rocker in front of the rear wheel where it flares out.

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