About Us

The Clear Choice In Paint Protection

Cleartastic® kits are 100%  "do-it-yourself" applications. Since 1996 we have been personally designing our kits so the enthusiast with no experience gets professional results every time! Our pre-cut kits fit perfect and are invisible once applied. This eliminates you taking the time to drive to another location and have a stranger all over your car.  Cleartastic® saves you time, money and of course, your paint .

Our films are noticeably optically clear over other paint protection films. Cleartastic® does not have that "orange peel" look once applied.   
Cleartastic® has "healing" characteristics so minor marks, scratches and swirl marks will vanish allowing your film to look like new for a longer period of time. 
The film is flexible for an easy application yet tough as nails to protect your delicate paint from stones, scratches, road debris and human abuse. 

Each kit comes with easy step by step instructions. However if you have any questions always feel free to reach out by email or call toll free 1800 778 9898.
A Cleartastic paint protection expert will be happy to assist you.

Cleartastic is a division of Speed By Design