Film Care & Maintenance

Cleartastic is intended for use on any fully cured OEM painted surface. Application of this product on a repainted surface should only be installed if the surface has been prepared & painted by a professional according to the OEM recommendations and a complete cure & bond of the paint has occurred.


Film Care

Wiping bugs and road grime off your vehicle, with a wet soft cloth, as soon as you get a chance is essential to keeping your film looking great. This will also reduce the risk of staining and discoloration from bug acids, runoff stains, and road grime left on for an extended period. When done, you can apply a protectant. We recommend

303 Aerospace Protectant

Washing monthly or more will give your film the deep clean it deserves and will ensure the film remains crystal clear. We recommend using a good wash with no abrasives and a lambs wool or micro fiber mitt to apply. Do not use any abrasive brushes, rags, cloths, or compounds. When you’re done feel free to apply a protectant like 303 Aerospace Protectant or a good synthetic polymer cream wax. We don’t recommend Carnauba which can possibly discolor the film over time.

DO NOT: Use Rain-Ex Products or Bug & Tar Removers

Waxing your film on a quarterly basis, or more, will add that extra layer of protection to your film. Keeping it waxed will prevent damage from bug acids and road grime, and allow the film to effortlessly be wiped clean. We recommend using a good synthetic polymer cream wax. We don’t recommend Carnauba which can possibly discolor the film over time.


General Care Precautions

Several cleaning techniques and cleaning products that should NEVER be used on the areas protected by Cleartastic on your vehicle include:

·        DO NOT: Pressure Wash

·        DO NOT: Use Rain-X Products

·        DO NOT: Use any abrasive brushes, rags, cloths or compounds

This general care list is not comprehensive. Please call Cleartastic at 1-800 778 9898 before using any products not specifically listed in these instructions.  Using unapproved sprays, cloths, or waxes may cause damage to the film, which may not be covered under warranty.


Using a steamer is best. You can slightly warm the film with a hair dryer. Do not over heat!  DO NOT pull the film straight up or on top of itself. That will stress the paint. The film should be stretched off. Lift a corner & pull parallel to the paint away from the rest of the film causing it to stretch and release the bond. (See diagram)

Pull low at an approx.15 degree angle (Practically dragging your knuckles on the paint).