Helpful Hints

Below are some suggestion that will help when applying your Cleartastic® kit. 
(For film care see the "Film Care & Maintenance" section)

•We suggest using distilled water for your spray solution. Bottled water would be the next in line for use. Tap water is last.  

If at some point you notice you have an air bubble trapped under the film, don't worry. Simply peel the film slightly beyond where the air bubble is, re spray under the film , reapply and then re squeegee.

•When you squeegee, make sure you over lap your strokes.  

Always work in a clean brightly lit area.  Be careful if you apply outside. You don't want dirt/debris blowing and getting trapped under the film.  If you do apply outside, do not apply on a windy day. 

Apply the film in a warm (65 degrees and above) area.  

•If you don't have a good squeegee, we find that you can use a firm credit card and wrap (one time) a micro fiber cloth around it.  It works real well.