Warranty & Disclaimer


Remember, Paint Protection Film is tough and the advantages & benefits are abundant. However it is not bulletproof. There are rocks and road debris that can puncture the film. Cleartastic does not replace or warranty against this. All Cleartastic films provide outstanding protection however damages caused by flying rocks and debris will naturally wear the film over time. These films are designed to take this abuse so your vehicle’s paint doesn’t.  This normal wear is not under warranty.

Cleartastic will replace the film if it arrives damaged or has a visible flaw. Please contact us upon receiving your kit. The film is inspected multiple times prior to being boxed and shipped so the chances are you will not experience this issue.

Cleartastic Paint Protection does have “healing characteristics”. Slight scratches and marks will vanish by itself overtime. Cleartastic also has the ability to resists most stains. This all helps keep the film looking as fresh as long as possible. The film will shield your paint for many years. 5 for “Plus” film. 3 for “Complete” film. In some cases you will get more life however, keep in mind that you film is place in very vulnerable areas. These kits will get hammered by debris. As mentioned above the film (all film) will get worn looking over this amount of time. We feel having a “life” span for a longer period of time is useless since you will have beat up film stuck to your car which is an eyesore.

Cleartastic films are specifically designed for automotive paint protection. However there is no guarantee there will be no issues upon removal. We have no knowledge of the condition of the paint and or if the vehicle was prepped, resprayed and cured properly. Therefore Cleartastic,  Speed by Design, TKO Performance  or any authorized distributor will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the this product, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential, regardless of the legal theory asserted, including warranty, contract, negligence or strict liability.

By applying this product you understand & agree to the above terms. Cleartastic is a division of Speed by Design & TKO Performance.